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 Wile47's staff app

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PostSubject: Wile47's staff app   Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:37 pm

In-Game-Name: Wile47

How long have you played this server: i dont really know exactly how many

months and etc' but i have played this for a long time now Very Happy

How old are you: im 14, just had birthday

Staff i Respect: Mostwanted

Staff i don't like: Well there is no staffs i dont like, they are all nice guys.

What i did for the server: I invited people to your server Very Happy and i shared your video wiith all my subs and my viewers on youtube Very Happy ( i shared it on a video with 14k views)

Why i deserve staff: Well i like to help other people and also i can get more players in the server, (i can get 50 in the server)

What other servers have I been staff on: Well i have been staff on 7 servers and 4 times i was admin and 1 time i was a manager

How long do you plan to stay: Well it depend on my school but most of time when im free and not busy i can spend 5 hours on the server every day

Do you want to be forum staff,in-game staff, or both: Ingame staff. I im not the type for being a forum staff Very Happy
(If you choose both, you must be active on both.)

How will i help Extreme-Scape:
I will help the server to get many players and a good eco and also i would love to adversite and i can also help coding if it is needed

Other additional information:
Im 14 year old and im from Afghanistan but live in denmark cuz of war. I love to play soccer with my friends and i also like swimming, Uhmm i got a work, i work 5-8 hours every weekend. I love Barcalona and also to watch soccer at my tv. uhhmmm i also play playstation 3 and battlefield 3. I also got steam, in steam i love to play css (Counter-Strike: Source) and i also lke to play minecraft ( i love to build things like pixel art or some thing)..... Well thats all about me.


Peace Out!
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Wile47's staff app
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